Few Basic Rules & Information:

Dream Makers dba

 Swisher Hill Camp Ground

4006 Freedom Hwy

Fairmont, WV  26554

Office: 304-287-7109

Kenny Cook:  304-612-3950

Chris Dick : 304-216-6979


 Swisher Hill Camp Ground does not accept responsibility for personal injury, damage or loss of personal property.  All facilities are used at your own risk.


  1. Rent can be paid in Cash, Money Order or Check  Please make checks out to Dream Makers.  Rent is due on the lst of the month. We have outside mail box located outside of main office door. Rent can be put in Mail Box.  We will not be responsible for Cash. Credit Card charges will be subject to a 3% service charge.


  1. Office Hours are 8AM – 4PM Monday – Friday.


  1. We do not have mail delivery for Swisher Hill Camp Ground.  Those renters wanting to receive mail will have to get a P.O. Box in either Monongah or Worthington.  The office will accept packages delivered to Swisher Hill Campground, Your Name and  Campsite #___    4006 Freedom Highway  Fairmont, WV  26554


  1. Pets are welcome when on a short hand leash and kept QUIET!!!Pets must be friendly. Pets must not be left unattended, NO pets are allowed in any building. YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOU PET!!! Pet litter is to be cleaned up immediately. Carry a bag and scooper when walking.  Dogs must have current shots / vaccinations.


  1. CHECKOUT TIME IS NOON: Please clean up your site before leaving.


  1. QUIET HOURS: Between 10 pm and 8 am disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Violators of this policy will be asked to leave.


  1. FIREWORKS, FIREARMS, are not permitted.


  1. HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE is to be put in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster behind the office on your way out. PLEASE NOTE: household garbage does not include coolers, chairs, cots, tents, ground cloths, tires, batteries, or any other items that you may want to get rid of. We all seek prosecution for littering, dumping, violation of EPA regulations or any other violation & seek the maximum fine.



9. Children under the age of 18 are the responsibility of their parents. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times.


10.  Ground Fires Ground fires are permitted in fire pits only. Do not cut, mutilate, drive nails, or otherwise damage our trees, bushes or plants. Fines can and will be imposed. Charleston, W.Va. — West Virginia’s spring forest fire season starts March 1, 2021, and runs through May 31, 2021. During these three months, daytime burning is prohibited from the hours of 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outdoor burning is permitted only between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m.

State law requires a ring or safety strip around outdoor fires to keep them from spreading into the woods. This safety strip must be cleared of all burnable material and be at least 10 feet wide completely around the debris pile.

Additional requirements of the state’s fire laws include staying on-site until the fire is completely extinguished, and burning only vegetative materials like leaves, brush and yard clippings.

Anyone who allows a fire to escape and cause a wildfire or forest fire will be subject to fines ranging from $100 to $1,000. An additional civil penalty of $200 also will be assessed.



11.  All Sewer hoses must have a proper “screw in “ sealed attachment when hooking up to our service


12.  Cutting of live standing timber is prohibited ,portable swimming pool are also prohibited.


13. For weekend/overnight campers, a maximum of four campers, one RV and two vehicles are permitted per campsite.


14.  No more then one outside fridges is permitted.  No  clotheslines are allowed.



15.  Alcohol: Swisher Hill is a BYOB campground area.  Consumption of alcohol to the point of physical or mental impairment is not permitted in public campground area.  Operation of any motorized vehicle or equipment while impaired is strictly prohibited.  Please be courteous to the other campers.


16.  We also ask that you please do not drive on the grass and stay only on the roads.  If you are riding through camp you must ride at an idle speed and all riding must be finished before 8:30PM.  No stunts in the camp, no hill climbing etc.,  Failure to be responsible will result in a loss to all.


Swisher Hill CampGround

4006 Freedom Hwy

Fairmont, WV  26554


Hours 8am-4pm

After Hour Contacts:

Kenny Cook 304-612-3950

Cole Dick 304-376-5498

The colors of Fall have painted the hills of Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.  West Virginia the perfect spot to plan your next adventure. Give us a call to reserve your lot today.  $525.00 per month or $35.00 per night.

At this time we are not taking reservation we have plenty of open RV spots.

Spring has Sprung! 05-23-2014
Spring has Sprung! 05-23-2014
Basketball Court
Basketball Court


We have 54 RV spaces. Rent includes, electric,

water and sewer.  Laundry pick up service available.